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How I became ‘Supercharged’ with some Youthful energy

3 years ago I came to a stage in my life when I became aware of putting on some extra weight, feeling tired and having a lack of energy so started to look for some healthy natural solutions.

I am semi-retired still working and using my knowledge of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Psychology (that I studied at University). My goal was, in a humble way, trying to make a difference.

I spent about a year studying and reading over 4000 scientific papers and models that seemed to work looking for a genius moment.

But I’m not a genius – but I know who is! Mother Nature.

I also came across something that fascinated me about Light and Water especially the wonderful 10 years study by Professor Pollack and his University team I came to the conclusion that Light and water could combine in dynamic synergy to help make a difference in energy and general health – just as it was originally designed to do by Mother Nature. So I did my absolute best to copy Mother Nature.

I studied all the latest research into water and light and ice to develop a unique filtering and natural energy system harnessing pure water and specific wavelengths from the sun – Safe and Natural! The result is Supercharged. Now my fuel is passion and Supercharged.

It gives my working life focus and meaning. I realise and respect that there are lots of other ways too -: whether it’s connecting on a deep level with someone, looking after a child, sharing laughter with a friend, or discovering that thing that you simply have to do, and realising that it is your purpose here.

I think these things can change during one’s lifetime, but there’s no mistaking that feeling, when you feel that you are connected with your purpose, the universe, life energy, and you know you’re on your right path.

The results

For me – I lost nearly 1 stone in 28 days – lost a lot of aches and pains too. I feel kind of Supercharged! I feel I have discovered a pathway to revisit some of my Youthful Energy too.

Maybe this can help you too and I simply want to have the privilege of sharing it with you...

I truly hope, in a humble way, if I can help others as I have helped myself to help recreate some Youthful Energy! I simply hope that you feel my excitement and passion about the privilege and prospect of an exciting healthy future. I think it could help people of all ages, animals and pets too!

To find out more and help spread the word – This is so much bigger than me

David Foster B.Sc. Dip.M Grad.Inst.M


Miles2goLtd, employees, certified distributors or agents so not make any warranties, expressed or implied, as to the use or effectiveness of any our products or services for a particular purpose. The user is solely responsible for determining whether our Light treatment is fit for a particular and suitable for the user’s method of application.
We believe that there is no healing power outside your body, and we do not claim that our light or service has healing power of any kind, and no claim as such is made or implied. The unit itself is a mixture of light, designed to be similar to the wavelengths used in the Independent evuidence, which might help as a tool to provide a safe, painless, non-invasive method of helping to stimulate cellular physiologically sensitive and skin sensory areas. While many people have been satisfactorily treated using light therapy as in the independent evidence, or have received some relief by this kind of method, no warranty is given or implied to the effectiveness, or otherwise, of this form of treatment or the programme offered. No responsibility is accepted for any treatment effects, condition progress, or sequel arising after treatment.
The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace advice from your Doctor or other health care professional. We suggest you use our light system in conjunction with your health care professional’s recommendations.

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